Chris Croy


Visual Storyteller


Looking back now, it was inevitable that Chris would become a professional hybrid photographer (the fusion of photography, video, sound and graphics) — bringing a unique flair to his imagery.  With his dad a semi-professional photographer and his mom a journalist, Chris learned not only the science and creativity of photography, but also the art of telling a story, and he’s put those early lessons to good use in his 20-year career. Chris has honed his craft with years of experience working in every facet of the photographic industry including camera stores, photographic labs, continuing education and sharing his insights with other photographers as a conference speaker, instructor and consultant.


Chris has traveled around the world on commercial, portrait, and wedding photography and videography assignments, always keeping in mind his No. 1 goal with every client – making everyone and everything in the shot look terrific. Flattery is the name of the game!  He works tirelessly to ensure his photography and video productions are visually stunning, moving the viewer to emotion and action.  Whether it’s a small business or large corporation needing something far beyond the standard commercial shots, editorial assignments for lifestyle and design publications, documenting the first days of a precious new baby’s life at the hospital, or a spectacularly exotic wedding on the beaches of Bali, Chris brings out the distinctive personalities and appplies his command of creativity, technology and experience that turn ordinary images into extraordinary stories.


A deeply devoted family man, Chris and his beautiful bride Dina live in the country with their four children.  They love including the 

entire family in the business as often as possible, finding teachable moments in everything from developing budgets, assisting on shoots, scouting locations to project management and post production.